Top 14 Houseplants That Thrive On Neglect

The fourteen houseplants on this list are ideal for beginners or busy people whose main concerns are coping with their hectic lifestyle rather than caring for plants. These characters are tough and while they do appreciate some care and attention, they are able to survive periods of neglect. This list has been prepared by Lynne Cherot and the plants are described in her article which I found on the Sensible Gardening website.

Is there such a thing as a no care house plant? Indeed there is not. Plants are after all living creatures. Some care in the form of light, water and nutrients are essential to all.

There is however a group of very tough plants, that manage to survive is spite of the dreadful care they are given. Different plants have different growing requirements for optimal growth and health, but many can do quite well with less than ideal growing conditions. These are the plants you can forget to water, leave in poor soil and starve them of light. They somehow mange to hang in there and bounce back once you come to your senses and show them a little TLC.

The following plants are in this group and are therefore great specimens for beginners, busy busy people, commercial settings and or lazy or forgetful gardeners.



A huge selection of sizes and shapes to choose from. Think of aloe vera and jade plants for a start. Many of these are very long lived.

Easy to grow Indoor Plants with Sensible Gardening

Easy to Grow Indoor Plants with Sensible Gardening


Forms a nice rounded mound, great for a hanging basket.


Often called the mother-in-law plant. This is one of the easiest plants to keep alive partly because they are very drought tolerant.

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As long as you supply water this plant will do just fine.

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