Top 14 Houseplants to Help You Sleep

The main reason we buy houseplants is for use as living ornaments to decorate our homes. But as well as providing attractive leaves and flowers these indoor plants can help us in a number of other ways. For instance some act as natural air cleaners and others can actually help us sleep as this article which I found on the Balcony Garden Web site explains.

Plants are known to improve the overall appearance of your home, but do you know they also contributes to your overall health? There are plants that are actually known to have soothing properties and help if you have trouble sleeping from time to time, you can benefit from such plants? not only they detoxify your bedroom?s air, but help you get a warm good night sleep as well.

To start, here are 14 of the best plants you can grow. They add warmth, relaxing fragrance and effectively increase oxygen levels in your room, thus giving you a restful sleep. Try adding one of them in your bedroom to get a little dose of zen.

1. Jasmine

The jasmine plant features lovely little white flowers and a warm intense scent known to induce relaxing qualities ever since the ancient times. Studies have found that Jasmine has sedative properties and can significantly reduce anxiety levels, thus giving a positive impact on sleep quality.

2. Gardenia

Gardenia in bedroom
Like the jasmine, gardenia features big white flowers and an intoxicating fragrance that is incomparable? not to mention it also comes with a sedative effect. A study conducted in 2010 has shown that the sweet smell of gardenia flowers has the same effectiveness as that of valium in relaxing the body and brain. So instead of relying on sleeping pills, keeping a gardenia in your bedroom or outside your bedroom window could help you sleep more effectively.

3. Bamboo Palm

The bamboo palm is great for removing trichloroethylene and benzene, two chemicals which are known to induce respiratory problems, thus a great AIR PURIFYING PLANT. With the plant?s excellent filtering property, you can expect a restful sleep when keeping it in your bedroom. It has been awarded a high purifying score of 8.4 in a study conducted by NASA.

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