Top 13 Edible Flowers For Flavor And Health

When people talk about edible flowers the one that always springs to mind is the nasturtium whose petals make a tasty and colorful addition to any salad. But that is just one included on this list and there are twelve more which are all described with suggestions of how they can be used. I came across this information in an article which I found over on the Balcony Garden Web site.

These 13 great edible flowers not only look great but also taste good and rich in nutrients. Start using them to add color and flavor to your food and improve your health.

1. Violet (Pansy)

Violets are as satisfying to the eye as they are to the palate, which is the reason they are on our list of great edible flowers. You may have even observed them blended into cocktails and cold drinks. You can also dress up your salad or use it in stuffings or to flavor the desserts.
They can help with a cough or a headache and are even known to calm pain, especially the esophageal assortment. Violet flowers also purify the?blood.

2. Chamomile

If you?ve ever sipped a cup of chamomile tea to relax or quiet a resentful stomach, you?re as of now mindful of exactly how relieving chamomile can be. Like dandelion, it?s an individual from the daisy family, and the flower has a flavor that may help you to remember apples. You can chomp on a couple of raw flowers or dry them and utilize them to brew a calming tea.
Some of its medical advantages incorporate ADHD, relief from bloating, stomach infirmities and insomnia. In any case, the individuals who are allergic to ragweed are encouraged to dodge chamomile.

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