Top 12 Plants To Grow For Herbal Tea

Top 12 Plants To Grow For Herbal Tea

People have been using herbs to make infusions to drink as herbal tea since ancient times and it is still popular today. By growing your own herbs you can be sure of having the freshest ingredients that are close at hand. This list of the top twelve herbs used for making tea comes from an article which I found on the Herb Gardening Online Guide website.

Tea herb gardening is a fantastic way of assuring fresh and healthy tea for you to enjoy all year round. To grow your own herbal tea garden start with a large container or, if you prefer, a portion of your garden. Prepare the soil as you usually do and then choose the herbs you will be growing in your tea herb garden. There is quite an interesting variety of herbal plants to choose from suitable for making delicious herbal teas and many to be used also as tea herb garden. The tea herbs to grow you choose for tea herb gardening will be according to your taste. This is a selection from a long tea herbs list that are most used when growing plants destined to making tea.

Peppermint ? this one herb is enjoyed by many people. Its savory fresh taste is uplifting and cleansing, peppermint can be used to soothe stomach troubles of all kinds. This ?cool? herb is usually quite easy to grow and are comfortable in sunny and semi-shaded spots. It is highly suggested to grow peppermint in a pot, if not contained this herb could spread all over the garden at quite a rapid rate. Leaves are used for making tea.

Lemon Verbena ? the infused leaves has a refreshing lemony taste. To grow well it will needs full sun and cannot survive a harsh winter, so if you live in an? area inclined to such weather, you should grow then in a pot for easy transportation. The leaves are used for making tea.

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