Top 12 Plants For A Chocolate Colored Garden

Lovers of chocolate may well be disappointed since this refers to the color rather than the taste. At first sight brown might seem a strange color to promote since its dull shades do not speak of excitement. But this is just the point. A few brown plants in a flower bed will add a touch of mystery, even class to the border. This article by Lynne Cherot which I found on her Sensible Gardening website suggests twelve plants with brown flowers or foliage.

Not the most usual colour in plants, brown adds a touch of mystery to the flower bed. Normally a rather unassuming colour, brown in flowers and foliage stands out when grown among the brighter tones in the garden border. It almost adds a touch of class to plantings and a sense of style to containers.

The slightly unusual always draws us in, and brown flowers and leaves are no exception. Would I like an all brown garden, probably not. I prefer these tones to be given specific placement in the garden for the element of surprise and wow factor. Finding brown plants will take a bit of looking but they are out there. Below are some I?ve come across, some of which might work for you.ORCHIDS

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