Top 12 Evergreen Shrubs That Are Deer-Resistant

While the first three shrubs on this list are true evergreens some of the others are more noted for their flowers than their ability to retain their leaves throughout the year. Of course you have to accept that a hungry deer will eat anything it finds, but the shrubs described here are recognized as ones that tend to be ignored. These twelve shrubs are described in an article by David Beaulieu which I found on The Spruce website.

Deer-resistant shrubs aren’t Bambi’s preferred snacks, although he’ll eat most any plant when really hungry. Consult this list of bushes if your landscaping budget isn’t big enough to feed Bambi.

Deer-Resistant Shrubs That Are Evergreen:

I often take bike rides in the Lyme, Connecticut (U.S.) area and observe people’s landscaping while I’m at it. One shrub I see a lot of in the landscapes there is boxwood.

One reason why, no doubt, is that this classic plant for hedges is a logical choice, aesthetically, in an area of upscale residences.

But there’s more to it than that. Lyme disease, an illness spread by a deer tick (Ixodes dammini) is named after this town, so you know that lots of Bambi’s relatives frequent the region! Homeowners here have figured out that Bambi tends to leave boxwood alone more often than not.

Blue Star juniper is a small evergreen shrub. David Beaulieu
Boxwood is an example of a broadleaf evergreen. Among the needled evergreens, junipers make for some of the best deer-resistant shrubs. It’s understandable: Juniper’s texture is bristly (not exactly a treat for the tongue). Blue Star juniper is a small, slow-growing, rounded bush that’s a good choice in beds where a bluish accent is needed. Meanwhile, Blue Rug juniper serves as a ground cover; you’ll often see it growing on hillsides.

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Feature photo Andrey Zharkikh/ Flickr/ CC BY 2.0