Top 10 Ways To Jazz Up An Old Fence

Top 10 Ways To Jazz Up An Old Fence

A garden fence which looked smart and pristine when first erected will age over time and eventually become an object that would be better hidden from view. At this point you have two choices, either replace the fence with a new one or use creative ways to transform what has become an eyesore into an attractive feature. The first is expensive and it is the second which is the subject of this article by Lynne Cherot which comes from her Sensible Gardening website.

Many a garden, especially those in urban areas, are surrounded by a fence of some sort. Many fences are very attractive and other not so much. Gardeners usually inherit the garden fence from previous owners. Fences are a major expense in the garden and it is often not possible to tear one down to be replaced by a more attractive option.

A dash of colour here or an ornament there can go a long ways to making your fence more attractive and in sync with your personal gardening style.

Have a look at some of the suggestions below and perhaps one will inspire you to give your fence a face lift. Don?t feel that you have to alter the entire fence, often a just an area or two will do the trick in personalizing your garden.


Use colourful paint to quickly give your fence a new look. Be bold with your colours to add a whimsical feel to your garden. If you have the ability, paint something right onto your fence, like flowers or butterflies.

Easy Creative Upgrades for your Unsightly Garden Fence with Sensible Gardening

Use your garden plants as double duty. Grow vines right up your fence side and allow them to cascade over and down. This easily hides an unsightly fence that perhaps you can not get rid of.

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