Growing flowers in containers has several advantages over planting them in a flowerbed. For a start you can control the soil that you use and the position of the planter whether you want it in full sun or a shady spot. When you have several containers with plants at different stages of growth you can move them so that those flowers that are in bloom can be in prominent positions while those that have finished flowering can be relegated to the rear. I found an article over on the Garden Lovers Club website which has some great ideas to inspire your new container garden.

We love container gardening! Large, traditional planting beds and gardens need to be plotted with care, since each plant needs the right combination of moisture and sunshine throughout the day. Certain plants need to be cut back in the winter months, while others need to be re-planted each spring.
But container gardens are a whole different story. You can plant nearly anything you desire in a container garden, since ?you can easily move your plant in and out of the sun, control the moisture it receives, and do minimal weeding, since there?s no chance weeds will spread to your potted plants as easily as in planting beds.

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