Most of us will have a favorite fragrant plant and chances are that it will be one the small group that are always popular. The plants on this list are different in that they are less well known and you may not have heard of them. These ten unusual fragrant plants are described in an article by Jelena P which I found on the Top Inspired website.

We are all aware of the irresistible fragrance of hyacinth, gardenia, iris and many other popular fragrant plants that can easily turn our garden into a fragrant paradise. In fact, we have recently shared a list of our favorite, most popular fragrant plants every gardener should consider for making a scented garden. But 1o is a very small number and there are so many plants that will mesmerize you with their perfume so we?ve decided to do a little research and find 1o unusual, uncommon fragrant plants and herbs.
There are ornamental shrubs, small ?owering trees, fragrant herbs, vines and ground covers among them but what they all have in common is their amazing smell. It is always useful and fun to learn about new plants and bring them to our gardens. Take a look at our selection and tell us which plant?s care guide would you like to see as a future article.
Aglaia odorata
aglaia-odorataphoto via
Chinese Perfume Plant, Chinese Rice Flower, Mock Lemon ? call it whatever you like, this plant has small yellow ?owers with a strong perfume you will simply love. Aglaia is not only a fragrant and beautiful plant, it also has many medical uses:odorine and odorinol obtained from this plant has cancer chemopreventive activity. The best part is that it is a shrub that is very easy to grow and maintain. It is also relatively cold-tolerant.

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