Top 10 Trees For Patios And Small Gardens

Top 10 Trees For Patios And Small Gardens

Patio trees are dwarf varieties of many popular trees that would be too large for a small garden. Several are suitable for growing in containers so they can be moved when necessary. By growing these patio trees people can enjoy the blossoms and fruit even though they do not have the space for the full size tree. These top ten patio trees are described in an article by Teo Spengler which I found on the Gardening Know How website.

Patio trees are small trees that tuck nicely around patios or small gardens. You can also grow patio trees in containers, pots large enough to allow root development but not so large that you won?t be able to bring them into the garage when temperatures dip. What to plant as patio trees? The options run from small fruit trees to dwarf deciduous to evergreens. Here?s a list of the 10 top patio trees to get you started.
1. Meyer lemon

Image via flickr 305 Seahill
Juicier than an ordinary lemon and far sweeter, Meyer lemons are understandably popular with gardeners. Small, pretty citrus trees with brilliant green leaves and more lemons that your eyes will believe, Meyers thrive in containers or in the ground in mild climates.
2. Plum

Plum trees look like ballerinas in spring with their white tutu of blossoms. The trees are small to begin with and can easily be trimmed to fit any site. You?ll need full sun to get fruit, and choose American over Japanese or European varieties if you need extra hardiness.
3. Ornamental crabapple

Image via flickr Ted
No, you won?t be able to sink your teeth into this fruit but it?s hard to find an easier-care tree than the ornamental crabapple. Plus, you?ll get an explosion of white, pink or red when the spring flowers make their appearance.

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