Top 10 Tips On Caring For Gardenias

Top 10 Tips On Caring For Gardenias

Gardenias are not the easiest plants to grow successfully and several problems can occur. Why do the leaves turn yellow? How do I care for a gardenia in winter and when should I prune it? These are just three of the ten most common questions raised by visitors to the Gardening Know How website and the article quoted below provides their expert answers.

Here at Gardening Know How we get lots of questions, and our goal is to provide answers to those inquiries to the best of our knowledge. These may run the gamut of vegetable gardening to trees and shrubs, and anything or everything in between. Gardenias are popular shrubs grown both indoors and in the garden. The following information includes the 10 most commonly asked questions relating to gardenia plants.

  • Why are there yellowing leaves on gardenia plant?

Gardenias are notorious for getting yellow leaves and it can happen for many reasons. Yellow leaves normally signal that the plant is under some type of stress. In order to remedy the problem, you must first try to pinpoint the issue. Anything from poor drainage, root problems, high pH levels, or not enough nutrients can all lead to leaf yellowing in gardenia plants. Start by checking the plant?s soil. If it?s too wet, this could signal an issue with drainage or even overwatering. Testing the soil is another good idea to see what, if any, nutrients are missing or if the soil pH is too high. I would also check the plant for pests. A number of insects attack these plants, which can cause yellowing.
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