Top 10 Tips for Success with Amaryllis

I always associate Amaryllis with Christmas. In the UK the bulbs appear in garden centers towards the end of October and if planted then the plants will come into flower in time for the holiday. Of course you can plant amaryllis outdoors but this article is concerned with growing them as houseplants. I came across these ten tips for growing Amaryllis in an article on the Garden Lovers Club website.

The Amaryllis flower is often associated with Holland and that area of the world, but it turns out that in 1828, a young doctor was searching for medicinal plants in Chile when he came across some very vibrant Amaryllis plants that were simply breathtaking. Today, these plants are known for their bright colorful blooms that add a quiet comfort to family gatherings and homes around the holidays.
Getting an Amaryllis to grow and bloom properly indoors can be a difficult task, but I have created this guide to give you the tips that you will need to successfully grow these plants in your home.
1. When you plant Amaryllis, do not use an excessively large pot because the plant likes to be confined a bit. There should not be more than an inch or two of excess space between the side of the pot and the bulb. This small space will encourage a better growth cycle.

2. Make sure that at least 1/3 of the bulb is sticking out of the surface of the soil. If the bulb is planted too deeply in the soil, it will stunt its growth.
3. The soil in the pot should always remain moist, not sopping wet, simply moist. In addition, never pour water directly onto the bulb of the plant when you are watering it because that can cause the bulb to rot.

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