With their distinctive leaves and strong colored flowers African Violets make attractive plants for growing in the home. For anyone who has not cared for one before these ten tips will point you in the right direction. I came across these tips in an article which I found over on the Garden Lovers Club website.

With their wonderfully shaped fuzzy leaves, their compact structure and their bright, beautiful blooms, African Violets (Saintpaulia) have the kind of charm that cheers up the environment and makes you smile. If you are new to growing African violets at home or you just want to learn more about keeping them healthy and flourishing, here are some reliable tips.
1. Environment: African violets are meant to be grown indoors year round. Although some gardeners do take them outside when the temperatures are warm, they are susceptible to insect damage and will remain healthier and prettier when kept indoors.
2. Natural light: African violets require indirect light rather than direct sun, which can burn their leaves. They are perfect windowsill plants as long as there is lots of indirect sunlight for them to absorb. Windowsills that face east or west are the best locations for the plants which require 10-14 hours of light and eight hours of darkness a day for maximum blooms.
3. Water: There are many ideas about how to water African violets, but the basic guideline is to make sure the soil is kept moist to the touch, but never soaked or sodden. If you water by hand, try not to splash any water onto the leaves which will get spotty from water. You can water from the bottom up (letting the plant soak water up from a dish or saucer the pot has been placed in), which will help you avoid the spotted plant look.
4. Temperature: African violets are like a lot of people ? they thrive in comfortable indoor temperatures that range from around 65 to 75 degrees Fahrenheit.

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  1. I love this delicate little flowering plant. Very helpful info. May just start my 2017 with two or three on my window. Thank you info.

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