Top 10 Tips For Growing Beautiful Roses

Top 10 Tips For Growing Beautiful Roses

Some people who have not tried growing roses think that they are difficult and require more specialized care than other plants. In fact this is a false perception and roses are no more difficult than other shrubs. As with all gardening there are a few rules you need to follow to achieve the best results. These ten tips come from an article by Anne Balogh which I found on the Garden Design Magazine website.

If you?ve been afraid to start your own rose garden because you?ve heard that growing the ?queen of flowers? can be a thorny endeavor, don?t be daunted by the false rumors. The truth is, roses are no more temperamental than other flowering shrubs. As long as they are placed in a sunny location and given a bit of TLC, anyone can grow them successfully.
Julia Child Rose, Floribunda Rose Weeks Roses Wasco, CA
Julia Child is an old-fashioned Floribunda rose with a sweet licorice scent. Photo by: Weeks Roses.
?Modern rose bushes are both beautiful and tough in a wide range of growing conditions, so they are easier to grow than ever before,? says Christian Bedard, research director for Weeks Roses, America?s premier rose grower. To help gardeners who may not have grown roses before, Bedard shares some of his expert tips for successfully growing the queens of the flower garden.

Follow these ten essential rules to grow your own beautiful roses:

1. Know your roots

You can purchase roses already potted in soil or as dormant bare-root plants. Each type has its benefits. If you?re a novice rose grower, container roses are a great way to go because they are easy to plant and establish quickly. They can also be purchased at local nurseries throughout the growing season, allowing you to plant them when climate conditions are ideal.

Bare Root Rose, Rose Roots, Dormant Rose "Dream Team's" Portland Garden Weeks Roses Wasco, CA

Bare-root roses, which arrive dormant, offer the widest selection of varieties, but also require more TLC in the months after planting. Photo by: Weeks Roses

One of the biggest advantages of bare-root roses is the greater selection of varieties available. In addition, bare-root plants are an economical and convenient way to order plants by mail that you can?t find at a local nursery. Unlike container roses, however, bare-root plants need to have their roots soaked overnight in water before going in the ground, and the roots must be kept moist the first few months after planting.

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