Top 10 Summer Sun-Loving Perennials

These ten perennial plants will be ideal for a sunny spot in the garden where they will provide summer color for year after year. Once the spring flowering bulbs, the daffodils, hyacinths and tulips have completed their performance the summer perennials can continue the show. The ten sun-loving perennials are described in an article which I found on the Bless My Weeds website.

You gotta love perennials. They?re the ?set it and forget it? of gardening. Plant them one year, and you?ll be able to enjoy them for many years to come, just like clockwork. Got?a sunny garden spot that needs some color? Don?t want to re-plant your flowers every year? Try these 10 perennial flowers that love the sun. They?ll add gorgeous hues every summer without all the work.
1. Beardtongue
The flower with the strangest name sometimes has the prettiest blooms. In zones 5 to 9, beardtongue is known for tubular blossoms and talk stalks. Once established, they don?t need a lot of water.

2. Delphinium
These gorgeous blue cone-shaped perennials are sure to add the wow factor. Delphinium?does well in zones 3 to 9 and attracts butterflies.
3. Coneflowers
Similar to and often mistaken for daisies, coneflowers have that signature ball-shaped center and petals that hang just slightly downward. They work well in zones 3 to 9, and are fairly drought tolerant.

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