Top 10 Summer Flowers Oz Style

This list of the best ten summer flowers comes from an Australian website and so contains plants that are unfamiliar to those of us living in the northern hemisphere. Even so there are a few that are common to both regions including dahlias, echinaceas and lavender. I came across this gallery of summer flowers on the Homelife website.


Dahlias require full sun with miniatures suitable for growing in pots.

Frangipani can ?ower from December to April, and thrive in well-drained soil, plenty of sun and frost-free conditions. They love growing by the beach in sandy soils and are one of the best trees for tolerating salty air along the coast.

The beautiful perfume of gardenia blooms ?ll a garden. Be sure to keep up the fertilizer each season and water in well, they are heavy feeders and will reward you with plentiful ?owers and lush green growth for your efforts.

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