The art of gardening involves knowing which flowers should be planted together to make a harmonious design.? Naturally this means an appreciation of which colors go together and here we have the color wheel which is a useful guide. Then there are those groups of plants such as those with silver foliage which can be used as a foil to show off the colors of their neighbors. This article which I found over on the Balcony Garden Web describes fifteen of the best.

Silver foliage plants have amazing quality? they can highlight other plants and flowers in the garden. Learn more about them and find out the best you can grow.

The silvery foliage has a precious and bright appearance. This color not only brightens up the dull, dark corner but it also accentuates the plants and flowers of other colors around it.

1. Silver Sage ?Salvia?

Salvia argentea 'Hobbit's Foot'
Salvia argentea is a short-living perennial, it forms an unusual rosette of furry leaves. In the second year, it produces a spike of white flowers in summer and then wilts. The plant is not suitable for tropics and requires a climate with moderate summer.

2. Dusty Miller

Senecio cineraria
Ideal for borders or in compositions with other annuals. The dusty miller is suitable for pots too and probably one of the most commonly grown silver foliage plants. The reason maybe is that it is easy to grow and looks amazing with almost every other flowering plant.

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