Top 10 Roses For Your Garden

Top 10 Roses For Your Garden

Whenever people are asked which is their favorite flower the one that is most often chosen is the rose. Roses have been cultivated for hundreds of years so it is not surprising that it is such a popular choice. Today there are so many different varieties of roses that any top ten list will be highly personal and not everyone will agree with the selection. For instance Gertrude Jekyll which is one of my favorites is not on this list which comes from an article by Betty which I found on the Top Inspired website.

Roses are one of the most loved flowers in the world for centuries. They are so elegant, beautiful and we doubt that there is another flower that represents love better than the roses. #gardening #roses
Roses are easy to take care of and since they are such wonderful flowers, it makes them one of the most popular flower choices for our gardens and even indoor flowers.
In case you were wondering which type of rose to choose for this summer, we recommend you take a look at these ten, wonderful roses.

1. ?Little Mischief?

Top 10 Types of Roses You Would Love to Have in Your Garden
The type of roses known as ?Little Mischief? have the most wonderful deep pink color while blooming, and then they?re lighter pink while getting old! It is an everblooming shrub that has a disease resistant foliage and a low ? growing habit.
These roses need full sun position and want to be watered moderately. You can use these roses in a decorative planter, as a hedge plant or maybe even as a companion plant too.

2. ?Bonica?

Top 10 Types of Roses You Would Love to Have in Your Garden
Gentle with light fragrance, the ?Bonica? roses can really make your garden so sweet and charming with their look. They make a good flowering hedge, but for the best results you need to grow them in full sun or partial shade in a well ? drained, rich soil. The roses bloom from late spring until winter, when their light pink flowers are replaced with bright, red hips. The ?Bonica? roses are almost disease ? free.

3. ?Mme. Isaac Pereire?

Top 10 Types of Roses You Would Love to Have in Your Garden
The ?Madame Isaac Pereire? roses are medium ? sized shrubs that need full sun and well ? drained, hummus ? rich soil to look this glamorous. However, they can tolerate partial shade and even poor soil. They need to be mulched in late winter or early spring, followed by balanced fertilizer in the summer. Unlike the previous two types of roses, the ?Madame Isaac Pereire? aren?t disease ? free and they are also prone to pests attacks.

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