Roses come top of the list when you ask people what is their favorite flower. And it’s not surprising when you consider their colorful and fragrant blooms with their romantic associations. However growing roses can sometimes be tricky so some expert advice is always welcome. I came across an article on the Green Gardens website which is the record of an interview with Master Rosarian Stan Griep.

1. You have years of experience growing roses in cold climates. How difficult is it to grow roses in cold areas? Are there any roses that flourish in colder environments?
It definitely is more trying to grow roses in a cold climate. You need to really do your homework and research the growth habits and growing zone ratings established for the rosebushes you may be considering for your rose beds or rose gardens. Some rose bushes that are not rated for the colder growing zones can be grown here but need extra attention to be successful. One thing that must be done is the additional mounding to help keep the rose bushes cold once the temperature has turned cold and sent them off to their winters nap.? Warm sunny strings of days in the winter can warm up the soils home of the rosebushes just enough to make them think it is time to grow again. When the deep cold temps hit them again it causes a major shock to the bushes. These?fluctuations in temperatures, which causes growth cycle fluctuations, is what will kill the rosebushes. Keeping them cold once it has gotten cold is the ultimate goal and a real key to their survival.

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Featured image credit: Stan Griep

Yes, there are rose bushes that have been developed over the years that do very well in colder climates. The rosebushes developed by Dr Griffith Buck, known as Buck Roses, do very well in our colder climate but still need the winter ??keep them cold? protection. Some roses that were hybridised in Canada do extremely well in cold climates, such as the Morden rosebushes and other Canadian rosebushes such as Winnipeg Parks of the Parkland series of rosebushes as well as the Explorer series of rosebushes just to mention a few.

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