Top 10 Rock Garden Plants

A rockery or rock garden will usually have only a thin layer of soil among the stones and so will tend to be dry and hot. To achieve the best results you will have to choose plants that are suitable for these conditions. Some of the plants on this list are described as Alpines because they are native to scree slopes in the Alps. Others are perennials but all will thrive in these rocky landscapes. The ten plants are illustrated in an article by Betty which I came across on the Top Inspired website.

Creating a rock garden is such a fun gardening activity, as you can to experiment with many plants and their shape, size, texture, color, scent ? you can see that you will have plenty of choice here!
The rock?garden is a nice contrast to a green lawn or even grey patio, but this beauty comes with its own challenges, as many of the flowers that especially thrive in rock gardens can get picky sometimes. However, this shouldn?t stop you from creating such beautiful spots in your garden! Check the ten flowers that especially thrive in rocky conditions.

1. Rock Cress

Top 10 Best Plants for a Rock Garden
The rock cress is an alpine plant and a?herbaceous perennial that can easily be grown as part of a rock garden, because it thrives in places where many other flowers don?t ? hills and slopes. The rock cress prefers locations where it can get both sun and shade if the weather is hotter. It needs a slightly acidic and well ? drained soil, that should be watered only when dry after the establishment of the plant.


Top 10 Best Plants for a Rock Garden
Native to Europe, this beautiful plant won?t give you the best bloom if you live in a place with a very hot climate and because of that it can be considered as annual plant only in colder zones. The catchfly can self-seed and spread if it?s planted in moderate climate. Generally, this flower is low ? maintenance, which is great for beginners, especially because it is both pest and disease free, at least most of the time, but you better take good care of it daily so that you can act on time.

3.?Stonecrop Sedum

Top 10 Best Plants for a Rock Garden
Planting the sedum in your garden is one of the best choices that you can make when it comes to all hardy succulents. Sedums don?t tolerate wet soil, so they really need a fast ? draining soil that will prevent their roots from getting rotten. They also need a full sun planting site where they can get at least eight hours of sunlight every day. Depending on the variety you choose, sedums can grow low and wide and then you can use them as ground cover plants or they can grow tall and you can use them as container plants.

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