Top 10 Plants To Grow From Cuttings

Top 10 Plants To Grow From Cuttings

There are several ways of increasing your stock of plants without having to buy more from the garden center. One way is to save the seeds from flowers that have finished blooming. Using this method you could produce dozens of new plants from one seed head. Another way of creating more plants for free is by taking cuttings. This involves taking a small section of a flower or shrub and planting this in the ground. In time this should grow new roots from the stem and you will then have a new plant. The top ten plants to grow from cuttings are described in an article by Kirsten Sweet which I found on the Birds and Blooms website.

I?ve never met a gardener who didn?t want to share or expand his or her garden. And there are so many ways to do just that. One easily overlooked way is by taking plant cuttings. You can take a snip of a plant to start a whole new one ? for yourself or?a friend! Bear in mind that you can?t take a cutting from a plant that is patented. That?s usually any new variety, but you can tell by checking the plant tag. Most old family favorites and garden classics are fine to use for cuttings. Most important, though: Don?t get discouraged if growing from plant cuttings doesn?t work the first couple of times around. It can be a tricky process and takes some trial and error.

Impatiens (Impatiens), Annual

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It?s true: This garden standby is in danger, but research is underway to save this beauty from downy mildew. But for the meantime, don?t count impatiens out in gardens that haven?t been afflicted with the disease! Resilient and reliable, it?s a cheerful, shade-loving flower that will do well in almost any part of the landscape.
Taking cuttings: Take cuttings only from healthy plants and keep them short, with no more than two or three mature leaves on each.

Inch Plant (Tradescantia), Zones 8 – 12, Annual Elsewhere

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A longtime favorite houseplant, inch plant can be grown outdoors in containers or as a ground cover where winter-hardy. For prime leaf color, grow inch plant in filtered sun.
Taking cuttings: It?s easy to start this colorful plant from cuttings because you can take them from outdoor plants anytime during the season and year-round from houseplants.

Fuchsia (Fuchsia), annual

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Fuchsia?s dainty flowers might be some of the most recognizable blooms of all. Some even say that the delicate blossoms resemble a ballerina. Outdoors, this graceful plant will benefit and thrive in shade. Fuchsia is most commonly grown in a container. Try it mixed with other annuals, too!
Taking cuttings: The good news is that fuchsia cuttings will root quite quickly, sometimes even in 10 days or fewer. Take cuttings in late summer, and don?t allow them to wilt. Place the cuttings in the growing pot right away.

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