Top 10 Plants For Fall Pots And Planters

Top 10 Plants For Fall Pots And Planters

In a previous post I suggested ways that a planter which had been blooming all summer could be given a new lease of life by the addition of one or more fresh plants. The article quoted below takes the opposite approach and recommends that the container should be replanted with flowers that will last until well into winter. These ten tips are contained in an article by Andy McIndoe which I found on the Learning With Experts website.

As summer comes to an end here in northern regions, those seasonal plants we planted in pots and containers last spring start to run out of steam. They may still be producing a few flowers, and some foliage subjects may be hanging on in there, but it?s time for a change. Here are my top ten tips to help you select the best plants for your pots this fall, and to help you put those pots and containers together.
2 Lovely violas

There will be lots of so called winter flowering pansies around in a wonderful array of colours. These bloom now, but they need plenty of sun and a sheltered spot to produce any flowers through winter. I find violas, the ones with smaller flowers, more reliable and, if I?m honest, prettier. The flowers stay in better condition and there are hardier varieties. Look out for ?Endurio?, this is semi-trailing and tolerates some shade.


3 Winter flowering pansies

Dead head pansies and violas

When you plant violas and pansies, remember to remove any fading flowers and seedheads. I know you won?t keep this up through the winter, but it is important now. If seeds are developing at this stage the plants think they?ve done their work and are more reluctant to produce more flower buds.


4 Hardy cyclamen

Use perennials you can plant in the garden afterwards

Autumn pots and containers are a great way to use new plants that you can use to plant in your garden afterwards. The hardy Cyclamen hederefolium is a good example. It may not have the amount of flowers of the mini-cyclamen sold in great quantities for autumn pots, but it has beautiful leaves and you can plant it in a shady spot afterwards and it will seed, spread and delight for years.

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