Top 10 Plants Chosen For Their Fragrance

With one exception the plants on this list are not noted for their blooms, but all enjoy that other floral virtue that of a sweet fragrance. Add to that the ability to act as a natural air purifier and several on the list would make excellent houseplants. I came across this collection of ten plants that smell heavenly on the Bless My Weeds website.

Plants bring life to the indoors and out for many reasons, and?one great perk for some?plants is their wonderful?scent. Throw out the bottles of air freshener and bring in some natural goodness with these beauties.
1. Scented Geraniums?come in a variety of fragrances?and can be grown in small planters on the windowsill.

2. Jasmine flourishes?in well-lit spots with plenty of humidity. Because of their vine-like attributes, they also grow well outdoors on trellises.

3. Sweet Bay?grows best in plenty of light and humidity. It gives off an herbal scent and can be used to flavor soups.


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