Top 10 Pink Perennial Flowers

If you are looking for some pink flowers for your garden then this is the list for you. All the plants described below have flowers that are in different shades of pink and they are all perennials and so will bloom every year. These flowers are described in an article which I found on the Bless My Weeds website.

I don?t know about you, but when I plan my flower garden I usually think in terms of color. I know what colors I want in which spots, and which colors I want right next to each other. And then, if I think a shade is missing, I?ll specifically look for a perennial that fits the color I want. Well, if your garden is in need of a some pink, we?ve got a great list of ideas for you! Here are some gorgeous?perennials that will give you the pink colors you?re looking for, year after year.

1. Pink Lantana
These flowers actually start with yellow blossoms, and mature into pink. So if you love pink but are also into changing things up, give these a try in zones 3-11. They?ll even do well in hot, dry conditions and poor soil.

2. Pink Bee Balm
These deer and mildew resistant blooms will catch anyone?s eye from mid to late summer.

3. Barbara Harrington Clematis
This climbing flower boasts delicate, yet stunning blooms in zones 4-9. You may seem blooming from June through September.


See more at Bless My Weeds


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