Top 10 Perennials For Water Wise Gardeners

Top 10 Perennials For Water Wise Gardeners

If you live in an area where water is in short supply your life will be easier if you choose plants that are drought tolerant or at least have only a low water requirement. The ten perennial flowers on this list have all been selected with this in mind. They are described in an article by Kathy Woodard which I found on The Gardening Glove website.

No matter where you live, being water wise is the?smart way to garden. And if you live in drought stricken or prone areas, it?s a must. While I love a gorgeous hydrangea, and roses are amazing, there are plenty of flowering plants that don?t suck down our water resources. These ten no fail perennials for low water gardens fit the bill, are gorgeous as stand alone plants, and come back every year! (Remember, perennials may die back to their roots in a cold winter, but they come back in the spring). Here at TGG, we have a high desert garden, so we have either grown most of these ourselves, or had direct experience with them, so watch for our tips throughout this article to help them look their best, and grow to their potential! These plants can be grown in most areas of the U.S. Here are our picks! Photo below?shows red Penstemon, Russian Sage and ornamental grasses. By ?Creative Landscapes?.

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Yarrow (Achillea) Zones 3-8
Yarrow has long been one of our fav plants because of its strong architectural feel, long bloom time, low water needs and attractive, feathery foliage. There are many varieties, including ones in pink, red, coral and white, but our favorite is still the bold yellow ?Coronation Gold?. Grows to 3 feet, is a great cut and dried flower, and brightens up any garden. Blooms all summer, full sun. Very easy to grow.
Photo by ?BHG?.
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Purple Coneflower (Echinacea) Zones 3-8
Purple Coneflower has gone from being a wildflower grown in natural gardens, to one of the most popular perennials around thanks to some amazing new hybrids. Minis from one foot all the way up to four foot tall varieties exist, in every color from purple to white to green, and every sunset color in between. They generally bloom from mid summer through fall, though some start as early as June. Full sun. Butterflies and birds love them! Great cut flower. There are too many to choose a favorite, so we will do our best by recommending ?Glowing Dream?. This variety is smaller at 18 inches, can be used in garden bed or containers, and has the most incredible watermelon pink color!
TGG Tip: Cut back old flowers a couple times a week, and you will be rewarded with many more blooms and a neater plant.

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Feature photo: Bluestone Perennials

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