Top 10 Pairs For Companion Planting

The technique of companion planting is growing certain plants next to each other either because they will encourage stronger growth or act as natural pest controllers. I have often been attracted by the idea, but it has always seemed too complicated to design a vegetable garden layout to place the correct plants together. Part of the reason was that descriptions of the technique usually included a comprehensive chart which made it look complicated. But this article by Jodi which I found on the Garden Simply website adopts a simpler approach by setting out the ten best plants for companion planting in pairs.

example of companion plants - marigold-peas-brassicas

Some plants do better when in the company of other plants for a variety of reasons…to repel harmful insects, to attract useful insects, or to enhance the growth rate and flavor of other plants. Companion plants help bring a balanced eco-system to your garden. Every garden is different with different problems. All problems will not be eliminated, but it is definitely worth experimenting with companion plants. Below are the top 10 plant companion combinations.

  • Tomatoes & Basil
    Both greatly improve the other’s growth and flavor.
    Basil also helps control the tomato hornworm.
  • Garlic & Roses
    Pests, such as aphids, are repelled by the smell of garlic.

– See more at: Garden Simply

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