Top 10 Ornamental Grasses For The Garden

Ornamental grasses can be used in a number of different ways in the garden. In a perennial flower bed or border the tall stems of the grass will complement the color of the blooms. In addition the grass will gently sway in the breeze giving a sense of movement to the scene. These ten ornamental grasses are described in an article by Betty which I found on the Top Inspired website.

One of the best ways you can decorate any container in your garden is by adding a ornamental grass in it. This kind of grass will be a fascinating display ? you can plant the ornamental grass in containers, perennial beds or use them for borders.
Ornamental grasses are easy to grow ? you won?t have to look after them all the time, while you will still get amazing results. Instead of spending money on garden decorations, buy seeds of ornamental grasses and use nature as your best decoration. Scroll below to see what we picked for you!

1. Savannah Ruby Grass

Top 10 Ornamental Grasses for Containers
Grown from Ruby grass seeds, this beautiful ornamental grass is also known as?Bristle-Leaved Redtop Grass. For the best growth, plant the seed outside in a prepared seedbed and make sure to have 24 inches between each seed. The Ruby grass should be planted in a prepared seedbed with a well ? drained soil, in a full sun planting site. Once you take care of it properly, the results will be great. This grass is a great choice for borders, perennial beds or containers.

2.?Japanese Blood Grass

Top 10 Ornamental Grasses for Containers
The Japanese blood grass is a perennial that has an invasive habit of growing, so planting it in a container is a good idea. This gorgeous ornamental grass wants cool and moist locations, but not too moist in order to prevent it from getting rotten roots. The Japanese?Blood Grass wants plenty of sun and if it gets, the red color becomes more intense. Water the plant once a week during the summer, while in winter even less ? the grass goes dormant.

3.?Fountain Grass

Top 10 Ornamental Grasses for Containers
The Fountain grass is one of the most popular choices for ornamental grasses because it?s a very adaptive plant and therefore it?s easy to take care of it. You should cut back the foliage in spring to ensure the best growth and also apply fertilizer. It requires a well ? drained, moist soil, but will do well in almost any type. Watering the Fountain grass?is not a must after it is well ? established, but do water it in case the weather is extremely hot and dry.

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