There’s nothing more frustrating for a gardener who has carefully been tending prize specimens than to discover that the flowers have been deftly removed by deer. It’s generally agreed that the only sure way of deterring these animals is to construct an eight foot high fence, but this is impractical for most of us on cost grounds. Another solution is to grow plants that deer find unattractive and so leave alone. This does rather restrict your choice of plants, but if they are allowed to grow in peace this may be a price worth paying. I came across an article by Benjamin Vogt on the Houzz website which lists ten native plants that are mostly deerproof.

Sometimes our garden leaves us wanting to give up and write a ?Deer John? letter, especially if it hosts a half dozen Bambis every evening. Sprays and powders are a waste of money, because they sure don?t seem effective, but who can afford 8-foot-tall fences? We have to live with deer, and there?s no way to predict what they?ll do ? maybe their population puts pressure on them to try new plants, maybe it?s a bad winter, maybe they got a taste of palatable young shoots and decided it?s worth coming back. But we don?t have to write that letter or settle for bad puns.

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