I have to confess that I have never noticed fragrance in daffodils. When buying bulbs my choice has been governed by color and height, but it appears that most daffodils do have a fragrance. While most varieties have little scent, some are more highly fragrant and this list of the top ten comes from an article by Andy McIndoe which I found on the Learning With Experts website.

Most daffodils have a fragrance, some will miss it completely, and others will delight in its light, cool, spring-like notes. However there are some narcissi that are deliciously fragrant, a scent that is sweet, captivating and unique. This is a fragrance that has been treasured since ancient times; Narcissus tazetta var. orientalis was grown in Ancient Egypt and Israel for the perfume of its flowers. Known as the Chinese Sacred Lily, it has been used in China for New Year’s celebrations for generations; a gift of life and good fortune.
Narcissus tazetta is a native of the eastern Mediterranean and gives its name to a host of varieties grown for their fragrant blooms; small cupped flowers that are carried several on a stem. Probably the best known, and most widely grown is Narcissus ‘Paperwhite Grandiflora’. This is the one usually grown for indoor decoration that grows quickly, flowering just weeks after planting. Like the species it is not hardy enough for those of us living in cool, temperate climates to grow outdoors. But it is ideal for forcing and for production as cut flowers.
Narcissus 'Soleil d'Or'

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