Top 10 Ideas To Transform A Small Backyard Into A Gorgeous Garden

Top 10 Ideas To Transform A Small Backyard Into A Gorgeous Garden

Recently I wrote about rooftop terraces and ways to make the most of small spaces. This post is on a similar theme but at ground level. Here you will discover what you can achieve with a tiny backyard including ideas on how to make it appear larger than it really is. One trick that can increase the growing area in cramped conditions is to use vertical planting. I came across these ideas in an article by Jenny Brown which I found on the Shareably website.

Tiny backyards might seem cramped. You might think that there isn?t much you can do with your tiny backyard, but in reality there are plenty of ways you can effectively use a tiny backyard. You just need to think creatively and outside the box.

Coffee Can Platners
Use empty coffee cans as planters. Then, attach these cans to your backyard fence to create a small, vertical garden.
Add Mirrors
Adding mirrors to your backyard will make them seem spacious and big. Be sure to reflect images of the scenery behind your home. Here you can see a forest, which makes the backyard seem so much larger than it really is.
Small Water Ponds
Backyard ponds do not need to take up a lot of room. Instead, they can be small and still look gorgeous. Learn how to create a pond like the one below by clicking here.
Stack Crates
Stack crates vertically in your backyard to create extra space to grow vegetables and herbs. This is really efficient if you have a small space to work with.

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