Top 10 Houseplant Problems With Answers

This is a list of the top ten questions received by the staff at Gardening Know How. Do you have a plant with leaves turning brown at the end or one that is losing its leaves altogether? Is there a mushroom growing in the pot? Or are the leaves covered in white powder or perhaps a sticky white patch that looks like cotton? There are five more problems which are described together with suggested solutions in an article by Nikki Phipps on the Gardening Know How website.

Here at Gardening Know How we get lots of questions, and our goal is to provide answers to those inquiries to the best of our knowledge. These may run the gamut of vegetable gardening to trees and shrubs, and anything or everything in between. Houseplants are one such topic of interest, as most of us grow at least one plant in the home. The following information includes the 10 most commonly asked questions relating to houseplants.
1. What does it mean when indoor plants turn brown at the end of leaves?
There are several reasons for this happening, but under watering is the most common for plant leaves turning brown, especially on the tips. Make sure the plant is getting enough water and has proper drainage. Generally, you want to water only when the top of the soil is dry to the touch but do not let the soil dry out completely. Check for issues that may inhibit its ability to take water up too, like root rot. A humidity issue can be to blame as well. This can be remedied by misting or sitting the plant on a water-filled tray of pebbles. You may also want to check the plant for any signs of pests or disease, and trim off the brown tips.
2. I have a houseplant that has started to lose a lot of leaves. Why?
There are many reasons that a plant may lose leaves, but the three most common are lack of water, lack of light and pests. Make sure that the plant is getting proper water and light, and check it closely for pests. Generally speaking, when leaves fall off plants, it?s either because the light is too low, the soil is either too wet or too dry, or there is disease or bugs present. Additionally, leaf drop can be due to environmental changes, such as with bringing them indoors for over wintering. In most cases, this type of leaf drop will correct itself once the plant has acclimated to its new environment.

3. How do I get rid of mushrooms in a houseplant?
Mushrooms in houseplants is actually quite common and not usually anything to be alarmed about. That being said, they can be unsightly. The spores that cause mushrooms growing in houseplant soil is normally introduced by contaminated soilless mix, though on occasion they can be introduced through other means, such as airborne movement or spores brushing off clothing. In addition, this type of mushroom growth, which usually presents itself as yellow in color, favors warm, moist and humid conditions. Generally, keeping the plant less moist and giving it plenty of air circulation can help alleviate this growth.
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