Top 10 Herbs To Use In Bouquets

This is nothing to do with bouquet garni but as you will see from the picture above bouquets of flowers. Apparently at one time it used to be quite common for herbs to be used in flower arrangements. The fragrance and texture of the herbs would add an extra dimension to the arrangement. In her article which I found on the Gardening Know How website Catherine Duncan describes the best herbs to use for this purpose.

Fresh herbs straight from the garden can really lift a dish when cooking. I have also found the same to be true in flower arrangements. Herbs add a natural element to bouquets, amazing scent and different textures. Herbs were once very commonly used in flower arrangements. For example rosemary was used in bridal wreaths. It was thought of as a symbol of love and also remembrance.

Mint is scented, provides texture and grows easily. However it can be prone to wilting, prevented by conditioning it well. Cutting in the evening or early morning and giving it a good drink of water for a few hours or overnight before arranging helps. There are so many varieties of mint to choose from. I have used apple mint and spearmint in the past and this year I am trying chocolate, orange and lemon mint. This is a herb that can spread rapidly throughout the garden so I grow them in pots to help contain them.

Lemon balm has a lovely fragrance and It features in my jam jar posies of flowers throughout the growing season. Again it is fairly fragile and needs conditioning well.
wedding buttonholes
Rosemary is a herb that is very useful for smaller arrangements and I use it in buttonholes for weddings. It provides scent, texture and a strong background for the more delicate flowers at the front of a buttonhole. I have grown ?Miss Jessops Upright? which I have found likes a sheltered spot, keeping it away from the frequent winds we are exposed to in Scotland. You can see it below alongside some achillea in the buttonholes I made for a wedding.
Marjoram looks lovely in a bouquet of flowers. My patch of marjoram has supplied me with many long stems to use with other flowers at the end of the summer.

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