When it’s time to draw up your Christmas present list you can waste a lot of time wondering what type of present to buy. Obviously if you are a gardener thinking about a suitable present for a friend who is also a gardener you will know what they will like. But for someone who would like some help I found this list of ten great suggestions plus the one last resort – a gift card. This article is by Shirley Lindsey from the Master Gardeners website.

Many of us gardeners use the cold winter months to dream and plan a bout our gardens next summer. Since this is not the season to be planting and active in the garden, sometimes our family and friends forget that there are gifts we would love to receive. If you have a gardener on your Christmas list, ask for hints. Most of us will happily give some “not so subtle” hints, like leaving the nursery catalog open with the beautiful rose or shrub or perennial circled in bright blue! So here are a few “hints,” in case your gardener friend or family member is shy.

  • Tools: Does the person you are shopping for have by-pass clippers? They are preferred over the type that clamp together, sometimes bruising the stem you are cutting. Any kind of tool is always appreciated. I have a dandelion digger – a long skinny forked metal blade on a handle. It gets lots of use. Another great tool is a lawn rake where the tines collapse to make a very narrow rake; you can get in between your plants with one of these
  • Garden Decorations: How about a sun-dial or other garden ornament? If you are thinking bigger, maybe the gardener would like a trellis, bird-house, bird bath, some comfortable lawn furniture, or even a water garden.
  • Cozy Necessities: Do you own some good garden gloves? If you do any rough work like pruning roses, you may want some with a heavy cuff that goes almost to the elbow. Personally I have an ambition to have some of those garden shoes that slip on easily and you can just hose them off. Many of us like those foam kneeling pads or knee pads; they make the gardening hours much more comfortable.

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Image source: naturalflow