Top 10 Garden Design Styles

Top 10 Garden Design Styles

While the average garden may consist of a lawn with flower beds and trees and shrubs which has evolved over time the ten examples discussed below are each created in a specific style. These range from the traditional cottage garden style to the formality of a knot garden with its tightly clipped box hedges. For dry conditions Xeriscaping may be your choice. These ten different garden style are described in an article which I found on the Bless My Weeds website.

We?ve all probably grown up around simple gardens or maybe even attempting making our own. However, gardening can be more than just a plot of land with colorful flowers or some fruits and vegetables. You can give your garden an entire theme that will tie it all together. Here are 10 great garden styles that you can use in your own garden!

Make your garden look like a piece of the outdoors with a few simple plant choices and landscaping ideas. Add a small and simple water feature that makes your garden look like a relaxing getaway next to a lake or a spot to nap alongside a river!

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JapaneseAdd some cultural beauty to your garden with a Japanese design! There are specific plants and patterns you can use to give your garden a Japanese theme. Remember that you can also add statues and other pieces of art to take your garden to the next level.

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CottageMake your garden seem like a home away from home with a simple cottage style! Choose flowers and bushes that evoke memories of a cottage in the woods or meadow. You can even go so far as to construct a mini cottage or add other features!

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?See more at Bless My Weeds
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