Roses come in many different forms from the old Damask rose to the modern patio variety. You can have bush roses, climbing roses, ramblers, standards and more in all the colors you like apart from a true blue. But what many people look for in a rose is the scent and most of the highly fragrant are the old roses and their successors bred by David Austin.
I found this list of the top ten on the Amateur Gardening website. Since this is a UK site the suppliers mentioned are UK based, but these varieties should be available from any good rose nursery.

Is there any fragrance more legendary than the scent of the rose? Its delicious, sweet perfume is the highlight of the summer garden. The following 10 varieties are among the very best for scent:
1) ?Louise Odier? ? one for romantics, this intensely scented pink Bourbon rose repeat-flowers and resists disease well. H 5ft (1.5m) S 4ft (1.2m). Supplier:

2) ?Madame Isaac Pereire? ? a wonderful Bourbon rose, which produces very large fragrant red-pink blooms. H 5ft (1.5m) x S 4ft (1.2m).
3) ?De Resht?? ? this Portland Damask has crimson-pink pompon flowers which are very fragrant.
H 3ft (90cm) x S 2ft (60cm).
4) ?Professeur Emile Perrot? (syn. ?Kazanlik?) ? an ancient Damask rose grown for the perfume industry. Wonderfully shabby pink flowers that exude a heart-stopping lemon scent. H 6ft (1.8m) x S 4ft (1.2m). Supplier:
5) ?Jude the Obscure? ? an amber-yellow David Austin English Rose that smells of guava fruit and sweet wine. H 4ft (1.2m) x S 4ft (1.2m). Supplier:

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