Opinions vary as to which flower is more highly scented than another, but this list has been compiled following a survey of several thousand gardeners from twenty countries. In fact the top ten are part of a larger list described in an article which I came across on the Balcony Garden Web site. See if you agree with their ranking.

We love pleasant odors and flowers are the liveliest source of them. So, what are the most fragrant flowers?
On this, we did a small survey asking 3000+ gardeners of more than 20 countries on major social media platforms and noted their opinions. They voted for most fragrant flowers according to them and we short-listed 23 best and arranged them all rank wise here.

10. Night scented stocks

Matthiola evening scented stock
A plant that engenders memories through its scent. Stocks with its intoxicating perfume like lily are the best choice in fragrant gardens of cold climate. Its mild fragrance blends lightly in surroundings in the evening. Stocks can be grown in summers in colder regions and in winters, in tropics.

9. Michelia Champaca

magnolia tree
It belongs to Magnolia family, its beautiful cream colored flowers mix of deep grape and banana like fragrance, sweet that much that when you inhale it; it cools down your breath. It?s native to Himalayan ranges of South-East Asia, blooms year round in tropical and subtropical climate. It can tolerate minimum temperature up to 30F.
*World?s most expensive perfumes are made from it.

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