Top 10 Foolproof Plants

Top 10 Foolproof Plants

The plants on this list are foolproof in that they are tough as nails and require little maintenance. This means that they will thrive and provide a great display despite attacks from insects and other creepy crawlies that would fatally damage other less robust specimens. These ten plants “you can’t kill” are described in an article which I found on the Birds and Blooms website.

As gardeners, we?re constantly faced with challenges: plants that won?t bloom, flowers that die from a late frost, droughts that wipe out entire beds.
Gardening definitely has its fair share of difficulties, so every once in a while it?s nice to have plants that require little maintenance. Even better-grow plants you can?t kill!
Sure, spraying these all-stars with weed killer would probably lead to their demise. But for the most part, these are hardy, maintenance-free picks that work well in any North American backyard.
So are you ready to turn your black thumb into a green thumb? Get planting with these top picks for plants you can?t kill.
Top 10 Plants You Can't Kill: Purple coneflower


(Echinacea, Zones 3 to 9)
Coneflowers have become a garden staple for their easygoing nature. Growing 2 to 5 feet high and 2 feet wide, they are the perfect companion plant in just about any garden. They require well-drained soil but will thrive in full sun as well as partial shade. Known for attracting birds, bees and butterflies, coneflowers also make lovely cut blooms.
Why we love it: The coneflower is the low-maintenance star of nature-friendly gardens. It comes in many colors, and it?s easy to find one you-and the birds-will love.
Colors: purple, pink, crimson, white, yellow, orange and even green. It?s easy to find a variety that you-and the birds-will love.

Top 10 Plants You Can't Kill: Cosmos


(Cosmos bipinnatus)
If big, beautiful flowers are one of your top requirements, cosmos is perfect for you. Though it?s an annual, it often reseeds on its own. Blooming summer to frost and growing up to 6 feet high, this backyard favorite deserves a regular spot in your sunny garden.
Why we love it: It?s easy to grow from seed. So for a couple of bucks, you?ll have a gorgeous show in a single season.

Top 10 Plants You Can't Kill: Daylily


(Hemerocallis, Zones 3 to 10)
An excellent choice for a classic garden, daylilies can tolerate flooding, drought and salt and are often used for erosion control on steep hillsides. The pretty blooms come in every shade except blue and pure white; their distinctive trumpets may be triangular, circular, double, spidery or star-shaped. Daylilies grow 10 inches to 4 feet high and 1-1/2 to 4 feet wide and do best in full sun to partial shade.
Why we love it: Some cultivars attract hummingbirds and butterflies. A plant that is best divided every three to five years, the daylily is perfect to share with friends.

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