Top 10 Flowers With Scented Blooms

It has been said that a garden which has a perfect layout and is full of stunning blooms is only half a garden if it has no fragrance. Most gardeners would agree that the fragrance of our flowers not only brings back the magic of past moments but also? makes the present so much more enjoyable. These ten fragrant flowers are described in an article which I came across on the Birds and Blooms website.

The best blooms are those that fill the air with perfume. Fill your garden with these fragrant flowers.

When it comes to choosing plants for your yard, try following your nose! For a garden full of aromatic blooms, here are our favorite fragrant flowers?to delight your senses.

Flowering Tobacco

Fragrant Flowers Flowering Tobacco RDA-GID

Nicotiana spp.,?grown as an annual
Varieties like wood flowering tobacco are perfect for night gardens: Its jasminelike scent tends to be most noticeable later in the day. Available with pink, lavender, yellow, white, red or green blossoms, it prefers rich, moist, well-draining soil.

Four O’Clocks

Fragrant Flowers Four O Clocks RDA-GID

Mirabilis jalapa,?annual to Zone 10
This fragrant flower opens in late afternoon and remains that way throughout the night, which explains the moniker ?beauty of the night.? Four-o?clocks often reseed, so don?t disturb the surrounding soil during spring cultivation.


Fragrant Flowers Jasmine RDA-GID

Jasminum polyanthum,?Zones 9 to 10
Jasmine is prized for its sweetly scented flowers and glossy leaves. This climbing container plant grows to 10 feet or more, with pink buds that open into aromatic white blossoms.

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