Top 10 Flowers To Enjoy This Spring

There are so many flowers that bloom in spring that selecting the top ten comes down to a personal choice. This list contains several old favorites that you will find in every garden in spring including daffodils, tulips and the purple crocus. There are also some surprises so if you are looking for some new ideas read on below. I came across this list in an article by Betty which I found on the Top Inspired website.

With spring coming soon, it?s time to take at some spring flowers?that are perfect for our garden at this time of the year. Nature never stops to amaze us and there is plenty of inspiration you can take from it. When it comes to flowers, the choice is endless.
If you were wondering what flowers to buy for the following season, you can just scroll along and see which of the ten, beautiful flowers that we picked is going to work for you. No matter if you want your colors to be white, pink, purple or colorful, we are sure you are going to find what you need!

1.?Snowdrop Anemone

Top 10 Beautiful Spring Flowers For Your Garden
The Snowdrop Anemone grows in well-drained soil and blooms in late spring or early summer. It needs to be watered regularly during the first season of growing in order to establish good root system. Also, make sure to water it if the weather is too hot outside and divide the clumps every 2-3 years. The Snowdrop Anemone needs full to partial sun for best growth.

2. Peruvian Lily

Top 10 Beautiful Spring Flowers For Your Garden
The Peruvian Lily blooms in late spring or early summer and is available in more colors, such as pink, orange and white, to name few. These flowers become invasive when growing and require more space because of that. Full sun location is the best for them, but they?ll need partial shade during hot weather. The Peruvian Lily needs to be watered regularly and if it dries out, cut it back to 4 inches.

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