Top 10 Flowers To Color The Winter Garden

Top 10 Flowers To Color The Winter Garden

For most of us the garden in winter is cold, damp and sometimes covered in snow with any vegetation still standing turned brown and black by the frost. So any plants that can provide color at this time are more than welcome to lift the gloom. Some of those on the list will bloom through the winter and others may wait until early spring to make their appearance. I found this list on the Birds and Blooms website.

We?ve dug up 10 plants striking enough to take center stage in your flower garden in late winter and into early spring. Bloom times can range from January in the south to March or April farther north. Any of them will make your backyard winter wonderland seem warmer and brighter in this dark, dreary season.



  • Flower Garden: Cyclamen
    Cyclamen coum, Zones 5 to 9
    These late-winter bloomers boast white, pink, purple and red blossoms nodding above leaves that resemble lily pads. Cyclamen prefer partial shade, so they?ll happily take root under trees and shrubs. Mulch generously each fall if your zone is on the cooler side.
    Why we love it: Although cyclamen are not native to North America, these gorgeous flowers are not invasive.



  • Flower Garden: Hellebore
    Chris Hansen
    Helleborus, Zones 4 to 9

    Hellebore?s lovely cup-shaped blossoms are a staple of any cold-weather garden. With lots of colors, and heights ranging from just 2 inches to 2 feet, you?ll have a hard time choosing just one variety of this moisture- and shade-loving plant. Hellebore doesn?t bloom year-round, but you?ll wish it did.
    Why we love it: Frost resistant and shade tolerant, hellebore is built to last through the months when temps are low and light is a precious commodity.

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