Top 10 Flowers and Shrubs for the Winter

While most summer and fall flowering plants will have had their best day, there are others that can take over and provide continuing color for at least part of the winter. The ten plants on this list have been chosen for their ability to survive cold and snow. These top ten flowers and shrubs are described in an article by Betty which I found on the Top Inspired website.

If you?re the type of person who wants to care about gardening even in winter, ahead you will find ten pretty plants that can?survive?the cold weather and the snow. They don?t need much and the proper care will make your garden look like it?s from a fairy tale even during the coldest times!

1.?Viburnum x bodnantense ?Dawn?

Top 10 Pretty Flowers and Shrubs for Wintervia?
The?Viburnum x bodnantense ?Dawn? is a hardy, deciduous shrub that blooms from January to March, skips the summer and then starts blooming again from October to December. The Viburnum plants require sunny location or partial shade and make sure it?s a fertile, well ? drained soil. They need to be watered during their blooming period until the plants are fully established. Viburnum requires little pruning and in spring make sure to apply garden compost to the base of the plant.

2. Iris

Top 10 Pretty Flowers and Shrubs for Wintervia?
The iris needs to be planted during late summer. It requires sunny location where it can get at least six hours of sunlight during the day, and should be planted in well drained soil that has?pH slightly less than 7. The bearded iris needs watering only if it?s too dry outside or after the transplanting. When planting more of these pretty flowers, make sure to plant each of them apart, minimum of 16 to 18 inches because it needs good air circulation. The iris attracts butterflies and hummingbirds, which can make your garden as if it belongs to a fairy tale.

3. Daphne

Top 10 Pretty Flowers and Shrubs for Wintervia?
The daphne shrubs grow pretty pink and white scented flowers that bloom?from?winter to early spring. They are known for their slow growth rate and on average they just grow 3 ? 4 feet. Daphne shrubs don?t need pruning, unless they?re entering the space of other plants. They need sunny locations, or at least a one that?s partially sunny, but make sure to pick the right spot because they don?t like to be moved. The best way to enjoy th beauty of the daphne is to plant then near a window or pathway and when they start blooming, you?ll have an amazing view and floral scent.

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