Top 10 Favorite Spring Flowering Bulbs

After a long and hard winter spring has arrived at last and with it the spring flowering bulbs. Usually it is the snowdrops that are the first to appear followed soon after by crocus and then the daffodils. The ten favorites on this list are not listed in order of flowering, but have been chosen as examples of what can be enjoyed at this time of year. I came across this list on the Top Inspired website.

Spring is just around the corner and one of the most beautiful ways to welcome it is to plant beautiful spring bloomers in our garden! Taking care of your garden by adding new flowers will make a wonderful display and will also make you enjoy your time spent there even more.
There are plenty of flowers that bloom during springtime and we?ve picked our ten favorite. All of these flowers are easy to find and easy to care of as well. So, scroll along and let us know which of these is going to be your new garden favorite!

1. Pansies

Top 10 Pretty Flowers to Welcome Spring in Your Gardenvia?
Pansies are one of the most wonderful flowers you can find and there are so many reasons to love them! First of all, they are easy to find and cheap to buy; they come in great variety of colors and can be perfect for a garden bed or even for a small ceramic pot. Pansies are biennial plants that require the minimum care, which makes them ideal for new gardeners.

2. Tulips

Top 10 Pretty Flowers to Welcome Spring in Your Gardenvia
Experiencing the beauty of spring is surely best done by planting one of the most beautiful flowers that actually associate us with the weather ? it?s tulips we?re talking about. Unlike the pansies that come in many color varieties, the tulips are more limited in that matter, but they can make your garden appear so cheerful and beautiful. It?s very important to take proper care of the flowers, as it is essential if you want them to last longer.

3. Crocus

Top 10 Pretty Flowers to Welcome Spring in Your Gardenvia?
Aren?t these super cute? They surely do look like they?re going to make our garden as one from a fairy tale! The crocus flowers are considered early spring bloomers and they are best for herb or rock gardens, where they can be great companions to small perennials. Crocuses are easy to maintain and really make a beautiful display, no matter where you plant them!

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