Top 10 Favorite Perennials To Plant This Fall

In fact this list is all about new varieties of these old favorites, but whether you choose the new or stick with the old it is true that fall is the best time to plant these perennial flowers. Although you can plant these flowers in spring the additional growth obtained from fall planting means that they will emerge with extra vigor for the new season. This list has been compiled by Amanda and comes from the American Meadows website.

Here at American Meadows, many of us are already sketching, planning and organizing our thoughts around the excitement of fall planting. Part of that fun includes the anticipation that builds knowing that our garden experts will soon reveal their selections of the new and unique perennials they’ve scouted for this season.

1. Penstemon digitalis

Penstemon digitalis
Penstemon digitalis is a beautiful plant that produces white blossoms from sturdy stalks, reaching up to 5? in height. The tubular-shaped flowers are excellent for feeding both hummingbirds and bees. Penstemon prefers well-drained loam and sandy soils; however, it will tolerate clay. Blooms in late spring to mid summer.
Advantages: Attracts Bees, Native, Deer Resistant, Great Cut Flowers
Height: 24-60″ Tall
Hardiness Zone: 3-8

2. Daylily Daring Deception

Pink Daylily Daring Deception, Hemerocallis
With slightly ruffled petals and dramatic light pink-burgundy blooms, Daring Deception is a must-have for any Daylily lover. Mature plants produce up to 500 blooms. This fantastic re-blooming variety flowers all summer long and attracts butterflies to your garden.
Advantages: Attracts Butterflies and Hummingbirds, Easy to Grow, Multiplies
Height: 18-24″ Tall
Hardiness Zone: 4-9

3. Echinacea Double Scoop Orangeberry

Echinacea Double Scoop Orangeberry

Ignite your summer garden with this fiery Echinacea. Large, double blooms are butterfly magnets and add bold color to any sunny garden. Deadhead spent blooms to prolong bloom time.
Advantages: Deer Resistant, Attracts Birds, Butterflies & Bees, Fragrant, Native, Easy To Grow, Great Cut Flowers
Height: 24-30″ Tall
Hardiness Zone: 4-8

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