Top 10 Favorite Daffodils To Plant Now

As with all lists of favorite plants those on this list are the personal choice of the author, but I think you will agree that she has chosen well. The colors range from the ever popular yellow to white with orange centers and many combinations of the two. This list has been compiled by Kath LaLiberte and comes from the Longfield Gardens website.

If I had?to choose my favorite daffodil, I?d probably pick a yellow one?with a big trumpet. Yellow trumpet daffodils are far and away the world?s most popular style. But why stop there?when the daffodil world has so much more to offer!
According to the American Daffodil Society, there are 13 official flower types and 25,000 named cultivars! As you can imagine, this makes it challenging?to keep?our daffodil selection under control. We usually offer about?40 different varieties, and to make sure they?re?the best, we reevaluate our?line every spring. Deciding which ones make the cut is based on how well they perform in our trial garden, our home gardens and in Holland.
Yellow Trumpet Daffodils?Longfield-Gardens
As always, this year a handful of daffodil varieties proved to be sturdier, longer-lasting and better looking than the rest. Honestly, these top performers don?t change much from one year to the next. The best varieties have what it takes to deliver a great show of color every spring.
If you have room in your garden to add more daffodils, here are the 10 must-have?varieties (in no particular order) that are always at the top of our list:

Daffodil Barrett Browning (the one with the big cup).

1. Barrett Browning

This daffodil is easy to recognize. The pure white petals surround a brilliant, red-orange cup. A golden yellow halo surrounds the base of the cup and adds to the?glow. Barrett Browning is?an early bloomer, an excellent naturalizer and it holds up well in warm climates.

Daffodil Dutch Master

2. Dutch Master and?Yellow River
These two interchangeable varieties are very similar to King Alfred, a?classic yellow trumpet that?s no longer in cultivation. Dutch Master and Yellow River?have large, egg-yolk-yellow flowers with big trumpets. Great for massing and naturalizing. Blooms early, is vigorous and?has a bold?presence in the landscape.

Daffodil Goblet

3. Goblet

The perfect partner for Dutch Master or Unsurpassable. Goblet?s very large flowers have?pure white petals surrounding a widely flared and ruffled yellow cup. A yellow halo at the base of the trumpet gives the blossoms an even sunnier look. Reliable and so beautiful.

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