Top 10 Easy To Grow Wildflowers

Read on below for more of these hardy wildflowers that are both low maintenance and provide a great show.

3. Shasta Daisies

no green thumb required: shasta daisies
A co-worker’s shot of a sweeping meadow of daisies. So elegant!

Daisies might be one of the most iconic wildflowers out there ? I enjoy them so much I even named my dog after them! The best thing about Shasta Daisies is they offer up easy summer blooms but aren?t aggressive or invasive (that?s Ox-Eye daisy).
So whether you?re creating a cottage garden in Maine or looking for a low-maintenance option for an out-of-reach meadow in California, Daisies are a winning choice. Plant on their own or pair with other easy summer options such as Echinacea and Black-Eyed Susan.

Quick Shasta Daisy Facts: Perennial | Grows to be 16-30? Tall | Prefers Full Sun or Half Sun/Half Shade

4. Marigolds

no green thumb required: marigolds
A customer photo of marigolds. This rich beauty looks good in any garden!

Marigolds are such a versatile, easy-to-grow annual, I think they have a home in any garden. Not only are they colorful, but they can also help with pest control. Plant marigolds near (or in) your vegetable garden to help deter nematodes that can be destructive to plants.
Marigolds also help in feeding nectar to a variety of pollinators, including a important beneficial bugs, who in turn prey on aphids and other unwanted bugs. Whether you?re vegetable gardening or not, marigolds make a colorful, long-lasting statement in the summer garden and require almost no maintenance once sprouted.

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