Top 10 Easy To Grow Wildflowers

If “plant and forget” is what you are looking for then here is your answer. With claims such as “No green thumb required” and the “hardiest wildflowers” these ten flowers will be ideal for beginners or people who prefer to relax in the garden and so choose low maintenance plants. The ten hardiest wildflowers are described by Amanda in her article which I found on the American Meadows website.

Whether you?re new to gardening or are looking for something to plant and forget about, wildflowers are one of my favorite go-tos. Although most wildflowers are fairly low maintenance, there are several varieties that require no green thumb at all and are hardy in most areas around the country.
As Mike our resident ‘Seedman’ says, ?You can?t kill these wildflowers!?
I?ll highlight these ten easy-to-grow wildflowers and why you should add them to your garden.

1. Purple Coneflower

no green thumb required: echinacea
A spectacular customer shot of easy-to-grow purple coneflower.

Purple Coneflower, aka Echinacea, is a famous native variety, painting entire meadows pink throughout the country. This summer-blooming wildflower is a true staple of any meadow or garden. Plant purple coneflower once and each year it will multiply and spread, giving pollinators plenty to snack on in the summer months.
This wildflower requires little supplemental water and care; leave the dried seed heads up throughout the winter to feed various birds in your area. Bonus: Echinacea is a spectacular cut flower and even a single stem creates an elegant statement in a vase.

Quick Echinacea Facts: Perennial | Grows to be 24-36? Tall | Prefers Full Sun or Half Sun/Half Shade


2. Zinnia

no green thumb required: zinnia
A customer shot of a monarch in action. Monarchs love zinnia!
no green thumb required: zinnia
Zinnias come in a rainbow of colors.
no green thumb required: zinnia
A great customer shot of Zinnia.

Oh, Zinnia. I fell in love with Zinnia this summer after planting a mass garden bed with this easy annual. Besides being one of the easiest and most colorful annuals to grow, Zinnia is a pollinator magnet and will create a parade of buzzing bees and butterflies from summer all the way until frost.
Zinnias these days come in almost any color of the rainbow, making them a versatile choice for any landscape. Experiment with color blocking in a small garden bed. The best part is that you can start all over again next season! Zinnia also make for fantastic summer bouquets and are often used for weddings and other special events.

Quick Zinnia Facts: Annual | Grows to be 24-36? Tall | Prefers Full Sun

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