The best way to save the amount of water you use in the garden is to choose plants that are, if not drought-tolerant, at least less moisture dependent than others. While this may rule out some of your favorite plants, this list of ten easy perennials includes more than enough color and style to create an attractive display. The list comes from an article by Kathy Woodard which I found on The Garden Glove website.

No matter where you live, being water wise is the?smart way to garden. And if you live in drought stricken or prone areas, it?s a must. While I love a gorgeous hydrangea, and roses are amazing, there are plenty of flowering plants that don?t suck down our water resources. These ten no fail perennials for low water gardens fit the bill, are gorgeous as stand alone plants, and come back every year! (Remember, perennials may die back to their roots in a cold winter, but they come back in the spring). Here at TGG, we have a high desert garden, so we have either grown most of these ourselves, or had direct experience with them, so watch for our tips throughout this article to help them look their best, and grow to their potential! These plants can be grown in most areas of the U.S. Here are our picks! Photo below?shows red Penstemon, Russian Sage and ornamental grasses. By ?Creative Landscapes?.
Low water perennials-13
This photo by ?BHG? shows Yarrow and Coneflower in the foreground, with Russian Sage in the back.
Low water perennials-14

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