These are all ideas for people with very limited space even as little as a window box. Yet it is remarkable just what can be achieved in a small area. These ideas show ten different ways to make the most of a small space and includes instructions on how to make the projects. I came across these ten ideas in an article which I found on the Industry Standard Design magazine website.

Creating a garden in small spaces can be quite challenging, especially if you?re trying to squeeze one into a tiny backyard. That?s when you really have to get creative and find ways to use the available space efficiently.
Here are 10 DIY ideas for you to try in your tiny garden.

Pallet Garden

DIY Pallet Garden!


Using pallets to build a garden is the perfect solution for a small garden ? it allows you choose the right size for your space and you don?t even have to dig the ground.

Tabletop Planter

DIY Tabletop Planter!


When the space is really limited, it?s time to get creative. Here?s an idea for a table made of a pallet with a planter as the centerpiece. It really is whimsical.

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