Top 10 Daffodil Varieties For Fall Planting

Top 10 Daffodil Varieties For Fall Planting

Recently I wrote about bulbs that can be planted in fall for spring and summer flowers, but the ones that were conspicuous by their absence from that list were the daffodils. And there are plenty to choose from ranging from the basic yellow to white and others with different colored centers. This top ten list comes from an article by Melinda Myers which I found on the Birds and Blooms website.

Dare to go daffodil! From classic to quirky, daffodils are a fail-safe way to cheer up any garden. Order bulbs early for the best selection, plant in the fall and enjoy the flowers for many springs to come. To get you started, here are some of our favorite daffodil bulbs. You may be surprised how many heights, colors, and shapes that daffodils come in.


photo credit: White Flower Farm

Actaea, Zones 3 to 8

This member of the poeticus group stands out in the garden thanks to its distinctive look: red-rimmed short trumpets skirted by large white petals. It has a fantastic fragrance, multiplies without a fuss and makes a great cut flower.
Why we love it: Actaea is an heirloom that keeps spring going a little longer because it blooms later in the season.


photo credit: Longfield Gardens

T?te-?-T?te, Zones 4 to 9

A top 10 list wouldn?t be complete without the super popular?T?te-?-T?te miniature daffodil. Although it stands only 5 to 8 inches tall, its buttery yellow flowers make this spring bloom noticeable even from a distance. Force them indoors, grow them in containers or tuck them into perennial plantings for an extra dash of color.
Why we love it: The early blossoms are a welcome sign that spring has arrived at last.


photo credit: Longfield Gardens

Cassata, Zones 3 to 8

Add something different to your early or midspring garden with this charming flower. Ruffles of lemony yellow lie against white petals, making it look more like an anemone than a daffodil. The blossoms eventually fade to off-white, adding another dimension to your backyard display.
Why we love it: Cassata may look delicate, but this vigorous grower holds its own among other daffodils and seasonal flowers.

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Feature photo: Longfield Gardens

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