Top 10 Conifers For Evergreen Garden Color

When so many of our favorite trees and shrubs lose their leaves and stand with bare branches throughout the winter months it’s a relief to remember that there are so many conifers that retain their green color at this season. The ten conifers on this list are the choice of Margaret Roach and are described in her article which I found on her A Way To Garden website.

WHAT?S YOUR FAVORITE CONIFER, the ?beautiful one? to your eye? I could only narrow my list down to 10, plant-mad person that I am, but with hints of the winter landscape in the cooler air, I?m thinking of just how important evergreens are. And not just to me. Coniferous trees and shrubs also provide important winter shelter for birds, and many small mammals depend on their seed, as do various bird species. Conifers? value as nesting spots is another reason to plant more.
But you needn?t settle for some old generic spruce, or your basic white pine (both valuable in the right spot, especially in a larger landscape, but not quite choice enough to be my top choices for right here in my own backyard). When I make space for a conifer, I want something extra: maximum visual interest, not just its ecological assets. I want eye-catching color, from near-aqua to gold and every shade of green, and a diversity of textures and habits. I want conifers like these:
Favorite Coniferous Trees
Golden hinoki cypress

Chamaecyparis obtusa ?Crippsii? (lacey, gold, and gorgeous)

Japanese umbrella pine

Sciadopitys verticillata (the most asked-about plant in my garden, and very choice)

Concolor fir

Abies concolor (the bluest of all blues, nearly turquoise; above photo)

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Feature image: Andre Jordan